Sinful Sunday round-up 620

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday round-up 620

Shadow hand on wall holding up red lace thong

Welcome to round-up 620. Don’t forget that next weekend is the first Sunday of the month which means it is prompt weekend

This week on the round-up we have the lovely Krystal Minx returning to select her top 5 pics of the week. You can find her on her won blog Krystal Minx and on Twitter @BisexualMinx

Krystal’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

The times my SS submissions have been chosen for the round-up, a sense of pride and confidence filled my heart, and I know my photographer, Mr Minx, felt the same.  I hope to pass along similar feelings to others about their posts this week!  I’m thankful to Molly for giving me another opportunity to do the round-up.  Before we get to that, I’d like to thank everyone for their submissions.  I love to see the sexy creativity from you all — WELL DONE!

In no specific order, here are the five images that I chose for this week’s round-up:

Exposing 40

Woman naked standing in the corner of ruined church with the Shard london building just visible through the window frames

The composition of Exposing 40’s image is perfection.  This majestic location calls to the camera lens and her pure form.  Additionally, public nudity always adds an extra element that’s very exciting and stimulating!

Focused and Filthy

Missy laying on her back with her fingers in her vulva folds edited in a soft dreamy blue light

Focused and Filthy’s body and image are so inviting here.  I lost count how many times I returned to gaze again and again, lingering longer with each added visit.  The soft blue-green hue is calming and the focal point of her touch sparks pleasure deep within my focal point.

Modesty Ablaze

Two bottoms pressed into the shower glass

Showering with a partner is the best, and there’s so much in Modesty Ablaze’s photo to enjoy.  The large, new shower…the parallels that their bodies create…and I especially love her tease of more to come.  Sharing slippery suds with another sensual woman  — yes, please!


Chopping board with meat clever, sausage and a penis

Snap Shotz’ photo is the ideal sausage fest . . . tasty, tasty, tasty!  This is a whole new take on a char-CUTE-rie plate, delicious to the eyes and palate.  Be careful with that cleaver though. Some sausages are best enjoyed whole.

Maria Open’s Up

Shadow hand holding up red lace thong

Such a creative and striking image!  The bold red color, the muted shadow, and accompanying words from Maria Opens Up really bring this photo to life.  Makes me want to see and know more!


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