Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 624

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 624

cropped image of modesty ablaze naked underwater

Welcome to round-up 624. Don’t forget that this coming Sunday is the 2nd April which means it is time to reveal your images for the Unusual Perspectives prompt

This week my round-up guest is the fabulous Katteroo. You can find her on Twitter @Katteroo_

Katteroo’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I am always delighted when Molly asks if I’d like to do a Sinful Sunday round up – it’s a pleasure to flip through the collected images, browse the blogs and read some of the accompanying stories and captions. It’s been a chaotic start to 2023 at home and I’ve been quite neglectful of taking any photos of my own for twitter, so it was brilliant to look through the entries for this week and find a little of my own photo mojo rising to the surface! Here are my picks:

Annie Savoy

woman sitting on window ledge with big office block outside the window and her legs naked and knickers round her knees

Wow, this is a beautiful image. The angles, the backlighting of her legs, the glassy corporate backdrop and those elegant, sensual legs being revealed… it’s just gorgeous.

Modesty Ablaze

Nude Underwater shot of modesty with her legs spread wide in clear blue sea

I just love this – it’s joyous, glorious nudity and I can feel the mood of the day emanating from the image – hot sun, warm skin, the splash of the cool water. It’s enticing and makes me want to jump right in with her. 

Happy Come Lucky

Honeys butt and thigh with hand held garden rack up against her skin

It’s always interesting to see where someone has managed to find a new pervertible and I take my hat off to Jaffa’s ingenuity here! This gives the Saturday afternoon trip to the garden centre a whole new meaning!! The light is also wonderful and I love the gentle lean of the tines pressing into Honey’s skin.

My Wild Lens

Poleroid of Wild sitting legs spread and a doxy vibe pressed between her legs

I’ve always wanted a Polaroid camera but never had one – and this is an excellent use for it! People go to such lengths using filters in the apps to create the sort of effect you get with a Polaroid but it’s brilliant to see the real thing. I love the way the fingers holding it frames the gorgeous shot of My Wild Lens.

Adult Exploration

Looking up naked mans legs to see hiw butt and balls with a butt plug in his bum and he is standing below trees

Nudity in the woods is a classic theme around these parts, and for very good reason – there’s something really enticing about being under a cool, lush canopy of leaves and surrounded by the structure of trees. This is a great example of the genre and I love the extra interest that the low angle adds to it, emphasizing his strong legs, leading your eye up past the dappled light on his thighs and beyond…  


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