Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 648

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 648

Looking up past Ouizzi breast to her trying to bite an apple in the tree

Welcome to weekly round-up 648. The prompt for October is out now. I can’t believe it is nearly October and I only have two more prompts written up. The other day I planned out 2024 which was kind of exciting and also alarming.

This week the round-up is in the hands of Luv Bunny. You can find her on her own blog Down The Rabbit Hole and on twitter @LuvbunnySL82

Luv Bunny’s Top 5 Pic


Black and white of person with pigtails kneeling with back to the camera and their hand up on their head

Composition-wise, this is my favourite image, as it obeys the rule of thirds (I’m a stickler for following such guidelines, despite not having done any photography in a long time). In addition, I  love the symmetry. Also, how the contrasts between the dark and light spaces lie perpendicularly to each other; her fingers entwined in her hair are along the same vertical line as the recess where her feet peek out below her bottom, at right angles to the light spaces at either side of her waist and in the triangles formed by her arms.

Happy Come Lucky

Tattoo running down Honeys side

Honey’s words reveal how vulnerable she feels in coming to terms with her bipolar diagnosis. The image is an extension of this vulnerability, with her beautiful waistline showing a juxtaposition between her strong and delicate sides. The inked image is gorgeous but would have been a painful experience in itself. The rich blue covers in the background, coordinate with the darker blues in her floral inked motifs. I love the femininity this picture exudes.


Looking up at topless women reaching up into tree biting into an apple

The angle of this image where we see Ouizzi’s chin as she teases us by nudging the apple with her mouth helps us feel like we are joining her on her sensual quest, but at the same time, she’s letting us imagine the wicked glint that may be in her eyes or the longing she’s perhaps feeling. Meanwhile, her breast is right there, just before us, giving us even more temptation

Adult Exploration

Man kneeling wearing ball gag with chains to nipple clamps

There’s a rawness about this image, reflected in the uneven positioning of the clamps, and I’m wondering if We Fear Nothing has used the clamps or is yet to use them…I couldn’t help noticing the shape above his shoulder on the left side of the image resembles a hand. Is he alone or does he have company? Perhaps he’s anticipating what is to come.

Erotic Tales for the Visual Women

Man laying on back on trunk with shaft of sunlight running down his body. He is holding his erect cock in his hand

I like the intent expression on JerBear’s face, along with the dazzling light playing across his chest and torso. That trunk looks like it has a lot of history too, and I’m wondering what it contains. There’s a naturalness about this photo, including the somewhat grainy aspect of the light playing on the plain walls.


2 Responses

  1. Monstrous Jaffa says:

    Ooooh, Ouizzi and I made the round up! Thank you Luv Bunny!

    I honestly don’t know how I wasn’t tempted by her breast…….

  2. slave sindee says:

    thanks for a wonderful 5 pics and those that shared thank You

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