Sinful Sunday Weekly Round 51

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round 51

5th April 2012

In case you missed it this coming Sunday is the big Sinful Sunday Easter competition. You can find all the details about it HERE. Please do read up, join in and spread the word and if you want to join in with Sinful Sunday but not enter the competition there will be a separate linky list for those people.

In the meantime here are my top 3 pics from the past week;

Tales From Under Our Covers

I admit to being envious of Vincent and Mia and their hot-tub. Not that the weather in the UK is really ideal for such a thing but even so I would love one of these beauties. I have images of lounging out there on a cold winters night with the hot steam swirling around us and… company. This image just lures me in, the heat, the people, the fun, the sharing and if you want to see more sharing then check out the image that goes along side this one.

Boobaloo’s Life

When I saw this image my eyes light up but when I read her words about it my heart literally sung out and if I could I would have given her a great big hug for over coming her self conscious worries about her stretch marks and posting this image and showing that a woman is sexy even if she does has stretch marks. The perfect body that the media likes to feed us just doesn’t exist in my opinion, even those young girls who we see in magazines have imperfections, they are just covered up using clever editing because we couldn’t possibly allow those imperfections to be shown and yet they still exist, we are just not party to them and so a culture of beautiful perfection is created and real woman are left feeling inferior. It is a worrying and constant tread in our society and so when I see images like this that show a real woman, yes with her beautiful stretch marks, looking as hot as hell I cheer! Please do go and read the comments left on this post, and add to them if you can. So far there is only one male commenter but you can see from the number of woman and what they have said just how much seeing this image has meant to them. This image; brave indeed but something else too and that is confidently sexy.

Down The Rabbit Hole

There does seem to be a bit of breasts theme this week to my top 3 pics doesn’t there? I am fairly sure this can’t ever be a bad thing though and especially not when they look like this. Although to be honest it is not just the breasts that make this picture but the combination of them, her beautifully tussled bed hair and the open sensual lips of her mouth that makes this shot my top pic of the week. Oh and in case you missed it, hurry along to her site and listen to the audio that alongside this image. I challenge you to only listen to it once. Go on, give it try… bet you can’t resist pressing the button and playing it again… and again… and again!

To see the full list of contributors to this week Sinful Sunday then click HERE



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