Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 119

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 119

25th July 2013

Because this Sunday is the One Word competition the guest poster this month has shifted a week early and so it is my great pleasure to welcome the lovely Penny from A Penny For Your Dirty Thoughts as the writer of this weeks round-up. If you don’t know her blog then you are missing out on a treat. She is a very talented young lady as her entry to Sinful Sunday this week; Foxy Lady illustrates perfectly. So time to find out who Penny picked for her top 5…

Novelties Toy Meets Girl

Novelties Toys Meet Girl on Sinful Sunday

Though it’s obviously a sex toy, the way she delicately presses the Alumina against her chest reminds me of a bride holding a bouquet of flowers, giving this image a sexy yet slightly innocent feel. I love her pose as well as the tight composition, the matching purple, and the soft textures of her hair, skin, and lacy bra.

Rubber Clad Strumpet

Rubber Clad Strumpet on Sinful Sunday

Although there are so many lovely details, like the shiny PVC, the rainbow lighting in the background, and the way her garters hug her curves, it’s the subject that really draws me in to this image. Violet’s eyes are hypnotizing with a seductive and yearning gaze, and the way she looks over her shoulder as she gently pulls her skirt is perfect. She looks like a gorgeous, kinky doll longing for someone to play with.

My Whole Sex Life

Whole Sex Life on Sinful Sunday

This image is seriously hot, and it goes way beyond the enchanting pattern of flames captured. The position of the lovers entwined with her legs open and his arms holding her is incredibly sexy, and Evoe’s skin seems to glow with passion from the light of the fire. The way they are both looking at the camera from behind the sparks gives the image a teasing feel, and the intimacy between them is unmistakable.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly's daily kiss rose garden

The way the roses surround Molly in this image makes her look like some sort of beautiful mystical creature. It’s as if she’s a garden fairy, and the flowers have bloomed around her, forming a gown ruffled with petals. In the post she describes the difficulty of shooting amongst bees and thorns, but it didn’t stop her from capturing a brilliant set of photos. She looks perfectly at ease with her heel gently lifted, her shoulders tilted, and her eyes closed. Though the four photos are very similar, this one is my favorite because of her serene pose as well as the lovely color filter.

Behind the Chintz Curtain (The last image)

behind the Chintz Curtain on Sinful Sunday

As soon as I saw this image I knew it was one of my favorites. She looks like a dancer with her back arched and arms lifted, and the combination of strength and abandon in the way she holds the fabric is beautiful. I also love how the hay covers her legs, the tease of her bare skin, and like Molly in her photos from this week, the way she blends seamlessly with the environment. The happy and carefree mood of this image makes me want to strip and dance in a field as well, to forget about everything besides the feel of wind and sun on my bare skin and the beauty of simply being alive.

You can see the full list of this entries on Sinful Sunday Week 119


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    Dizzyguy says, “You encompassed everything I was going for in that picture”.

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