Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 308

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 308

Man laying on bed in lamplight using male masturbator

I have to say that this weeks offering for the monthly prompt showed that you all seem to enjoy your weekends in the best, filthy, ways possible. You all warm my filthy little heart with your shenanigans.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Frisky in the 916

Woman kneeling on bed with female ejaculate on the floor behind her

Damn this is good. Really clever use of focal point and depth of field making the splash of fluids on the floor the thing your eye immediately goes to,  but it is the way the splash is almost framed by Jill’s legs that creates the true narrative to this image.

Maria Open’s Up

Nude of woman kneeling by gravestone

Do I really need to explain why I have picked this one? Just everything about it appeals to me. I love graveyards and cemeteries and I love getting my clothes off in them even more. There is something oddly powerful about the act that I find both beautiful and sexy. This shot by Exposing 40 captures both the feel of this location and the beauty of Maria within it.

F Dot Leonora

Woman in black dress in front of golden wings

Did you know Leonora has wings? This shot is playful and sexy and the placement of the wings and her pose just work perfectly to create a really fantastic shot.


Woman topless on bed with Eroticon bag between her legs

There were a few Eroticon themed shots this week but this one quite literally took my breath away. It is such a dynamic shot. There is something so powerful and strong about Eye’s pose in this that just demands your attention. It feels like a celebration and I love it.

Horn Waffle

Man laying on bed in lamplight using male masturbator

I am repeatedly drawn back to this image. There is a powerful intimacy to it that I find both erotic and beautiful. I makes me feel like I have been invited in to witness this moment and that even though he knows we are there he has temporarily forgotten about his audience is lost in the sensations of his body.


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