Sinful Sunday Round-up 317

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Round-up 317

Woman hugging mirror with fishnet stockings reflected in the mirror

It seems that this months prompt really got you all thinking and creating. The images that linked were just amazing and as usual made it extra hard to for me to select just 5 for the round-up. What I love about the prompts is that they often inspire people to try something new or different and the breadth of creativity and imagination that goes into peoples work is always inspiring to me. This month the prompt was Frames, not in the editing sense of the word but a frame that was integral to the image. I left you all with a few links to help inspire you but I needn’t have worried because you came up with such brilliant and varied ideas.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Rebel’s Notes

Womans vulva reflected in the screen of a phone

I think this is a very clever and intriguing image from Rebel. Yes it is obvious that it is a picture of her pussy and despite the fact that she is almost didn’t post it because it shows the scars from her surgery I think it looks beautiful. However the framing of her adds an almost mysterious element to the image as you try to work out exactly what it you are seeing. Is it a reflection, is a picture of a picture? You will have to read her post to find that out.

Gay Whore Story

Man in bath holding his penis with rubber duck

Sometimes doing something very simple can make for a great image and I think this is an example of that. The rubber ducky gives it a cheeky edge and I love the way he has created a frame with his legs and penis. There is just something delightfully playful about it that I love.


Glasses on table framing couple fucking in the background

This is a great bit of photography, it is creative, clever, well shot and fucking sexy. I love that the focus is on the glasses but that they have been positioned perfectly to both slightly mask what is going on in the background but also to frame it perfectly. It is one of those images that quite frankly deserves a story written around it. Who do the glasses belong to, her, him or a third unseen person?

Aurora Glory

Woman hugging mirror with fishnet stockings reflected in the mirror

This image is quite simply brilliant. When you take a moment to look at it you realise it is really quite simple. Aurora is holding the mirror in front of her and wrapping her legs around it. However it might be simple but the resulting photo is actually quite complex to look at. At first I was like, wait, what, how can her legs be there and also there? This image definitely makes you do a double take in my opinion.

The Other Livvy

Black and white of woman holding a picture of an erect penis in front of her body

This image by Livvy is absolutely blew me away. First of all there is the fact that the images she printed out are scaled perfectly making the penis look like it ‘fits’ her body size wise. I have no idea if she planned that in detail or went for an educated guess but which ever it was bravo because it really is key to this shot working so well. As well of this the placement of the image in front of her and the way her hand is at just right angle is brilliant but it is the colour splash of the framed image that brings it all together and really highlights the juxtaposition between Livvy’s obvious female frame and the male genitals.


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  1. Juno says:

    These are amazing. I love how open you are. I love the reflection pic. I have a huge foot fetish and love seeing sexy legs.

  2. […] My image ‘Mobile Frame‘ has been chosen as one of Molly’s top 5 of week 317 of Sinful Sunday. […]

  3. […] My image ‘Mobile Frame‘ has been chosen as one of Molly’s top 5 of week 317 of Sinful Sunday. […]

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