Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 337

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 337

Triptych of the back view of three different men lined up in bathroom stalls naked

Final reminder that THIS SUNDAY is prompt weekend and it is a very special prompt weekend too as there is a prize up for grabs for one lucky winner!

Now onto this weeks round-up and it is my pleasure to welcome Tara Hutchings to the round-up who is not a contributor but a regular reader and fan of Sinful Sunday and you can find on her Twitter @tjhutchings71

Tara’s Top 5 Picks of the Week

Hi everyone!

I’d like to thank Molly for asking me to do a Sinful Sunday Roundup, even if I DID have to ask her if she sent the invitation to the right person! While I’ve never participated in Sinful Sunday myself, I do love a good photo and these collections never fail to deliver a wide variety to appreciate!

Like most of you who have done this, I found it harder than I thought to narrow my choices down to just five. There’s something to admire about every single one of them, be it the technical (line, angles, colors, shadows), the artistic (the feelings projected by the subject or the emotions evoked in the observer) or a combination of both. In no particular order, here are my favorite five:

Exposing 40

Looking down the curves of a womans naked body

Wow! If you’ll excuse the term, I love the geography of this photo – reminds me of looking at gently rolling hills that go on forever and take your eyes right to the horizon. Admittedly, I do have a thing for black and white photos. Sometimes I think seeing something in color just wouldn’t do it the same justice.

Exhibit A

Triptych of the back view of three different men lined up in bathroom stalls naked

While the subject matter itself is more than pleasant to look at, I think what gets me about this one is the sense of playfulness that comes through. Those guys were definitely having a bit of fun with this, and I’m sure the photographer did too!


Woman laying over mans lap with him spanking her

This is a fabulous action shot – you can almost feel AND hear the impact of his hand making contact with her ass!  With them on the floor, you also get an angle that makes it a little different from a lot of other spanking shots.

The Other Livvy

Woman sitting naked on bed taking selfie in long mirror

Simply put, I love how this is framed by the mirror.  She’s obviously quite at ease taking the photo – very relaxed and natural.

Eugene Noale

Black and white shot of erect penis

Back to the black and white – I just love the shadows in this one, along with the hint of the action suggested by the thumb in the bottom of the shot.


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