Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-Up 367

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-Up 367

Nude woman reclining on sofa

Just over a week to go until prompt weekend. Have you spun the wheels?

This week I am delighted to introduce Katteroo_ for her first time writing a Sinful Sunday round-up. She is not a blogger but she is a fan of Sinful Sunday and took part on this years February Photofest on Twitter. She takes beautiful self portraits which you can find in the media on her Twitter profile.

Katteroo’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Happy Come Lucky

Nude woman reclining on sofa

I will confess that I picked this image for the round-up in my head the moment I first saw it on my timeline. Honey’s words that accompany it are so important too. You could apply all sorts of cliched adjectives to the image, which as Honey says, can have a loaded meaning all of their own. But in fact, it is simple and stunning and captivatingly, unremittingly, sexy.

Books 1799

Looking down naked mans body to feet in sunlight

I just love this image. I rarely feel as sensual as I do when I’m bathed in a shaft or pool of sunlight, and this image captures that feeling perfectly. That step out onto the warmed floorboards, feeling the difference in temperature as he steps from the shadow into the sun, letting the golden heat swirl and flow over his skin.


Naked woman in high heels standing in front of man sitting on sofa in a suit
I think this is so very sexy and I think this captures the sense of Vettriano beautifully. The texture in the light makes it almost feel like a painting and I love the sense of him being so much the driving force of the picture and yet he is almost hidden. This is one of those pictures that really engages my imagination and I can picture myself stand there with a gaze emerging from the darkness, inspecting me and… unnffff.

Tits and Testtubes

woman sitting astride fence topless

There were several gorgeous and evocative outdoorsy images this week and it’s been a struggle to narrow down my choice, but this image just pips it for me. The confident silhouette of her against that beautiful spring sky makes me want to run outside with a camera!

Kinky and Perky

man with panties stuffed into his mouth
This is such a great shot. The tinted monochrome is so atmospheric and I love the contrast between the decorative lace and his stubble. I might be imagining it and being terribly ignorant, but I feel like we rarely see headshots on Sinful Sunday (mostly for obvious anonymity reasons) and this is a clever way of doing it. Also… So. HOT.


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