Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 386

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 386

macro shot of pubes that look electric

So the prompt this month was macro photography and my big takeaway from this prompt is that I had forgotten just how damn hard it is take a macro self portrait. The depth of field you have to work with is so small that the slightest movement throws your whole image out of focus. In the end I just kept moving a tiny bit and taking lots of images which is basically my macro top tip from now on, but enough about me and on with the round-up.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Rebel’s Notes

close up shot of piercing in womans labia

As I said in my intro there is a very narrow shallow depth of field to work with when taking a macro shot and Rebel’s image shows that perfectly as you can clearly see how the focal point runs across her labia and picks up just a small part of her piercing whilst everything else melts into a soft blur. It is such a beautifully done shot and one that must have been surprisingly tricky to do.

Kilted Wookie

macro shot of hand round penis with close up focus on the head of the penis

What a stunning shot. I love the way her hand acts a frame around the head of his penis and that in the background you can just make out a pretty little nipple. The focal point is perfect on the head of his cock and the detail is absolutely beautiful

Little Switch Bitch

Macro shot of womans pubes in black and white

This works so well as a black and white. The macro nature and the angle of the image has actually created a shot that is almost abstract in nature as well being oddly modest too. We know what we are looking at but there is much left to our imagination when it comes to detail.

A Controlled Ascent

close up shot of knife blade poking into womans breast

I have a huge thing for knives so this one grabbed my attention in that regard and then firmly held onto it because it is a cracking shot. I love the way the blade is pressing into her skin, the lovely detail of the tiny hairs around her nipple and the brilliant reflection in the knife.

Cousin Pons

macro shot of pubes that look electric

This one is completely magical in my opinion. I love how the extreme macro of the light on his pubes make them look electric and gives them a shimmering abstract appearance.




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  1. Thank you, Molly 🙂

    Rebel xox

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