Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 391

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 391

Womans shoe coming down onto the camera with a view up her legs to her bottom

Firstly I would like to thank The Ersties Podcast.  (You can also follow them on Twitter @ErstiesPodcast) for being sponsors this month. They have been a lot of fun to work with and I hope that you have now all discovered their fabulous podcast and added it to your regular listening. If not, then I highly recommend you do that now because otherwise you are missing out!

Banner image for Ersties PodcastSo the prompt was I am… and as per usual you all showed what an immensely creative and clever bunch you are and made my job of picking a top 5 just as hard as ever but here goes

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

A Leap of Faith

Nude woman in woodlands tied up with rope

I love the way her hair seems to mimic the lines and colours tones of the rope and that way she looks completely at home, relaxed even, bound up in this woodland setting. The dip of her shoulder is both coy and inviting and I think she just looks so beautiful.

Little Switch Bitch

Womans shoe coming down onto the camera with a view up her legs to her bottom

What a dynamic and powerful shot this is. We feel like we are being trodden on whilst also being given a heart-racingly sexy view up to her bottom as she towers over us and the edit, with the colours and slice through it just add to that narrative.

No Pants Endurance

Man is track pants next to his shadow on the wall that shows a silhouette shadow of him naked with an erect penis

This is genius in my opinion. It is both clever and humourous and conveys perfectly the sentiment of I am naked beneath my clothes.

My Controlled Ascent

Womans body with words written on her skin describing her, like Mother, lover, wife etc

I have a thing for writing on skin and so this one just ticks that box for me but I also love the story that goes with it. She gave the pen to her other half and asked him to write words that he feels describe her. This is what he wrote and I think it is beautiful and loving and romantic and sexy as fuck and I think I might offer Michael a pen sometime soon and see what he writes about me.

Maria Opens Up

topless nude of woman broken into different pieces

Maria says about this spectacular image “I am, I am multifaceted, I am layered, I am contradictory, I am fractured, I am whole, I am exposed, I am secretive.” and I think this clever image made using a double exposure edit captures those sentiments in such a powerful and yet also slightly creepy way. I have missed Maria’s images on Sinful Sunday over the last month or so but wow did she return with an incredible shot this month.


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