Sinful Sunday Round-up 395

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Round-up 395

Man sitting on sofa naked next to himself in a suit

Welcome to the round-up for this months prompt weekend.

Before we get onto the top 5 I just want to give one final shout out to the lovely people at (Twitter @buytabutoys ) for sponsoring the prompt this month. They have been wonderful to work with and their sex positive attitude and commitment to providing quality sex toys to their customers makes me very happy to promote them here on Sinful Sunday. Please do take a moment to check them out. Banner header image for Sinful Sunday

Now onto this weeks round-up

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

So this month the task was Transmogrify which means, “to change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform.” although some definitions include the word magical as well. I know that it was a slightly tricky one but as per usually people really were amazingly creative with their entries but for various reasons my top 5 were…

Kilted Wookie’s Photo Album

Man sitting on sofa naked next to himself in a suit

This is a really simple image but there is something about it that kept my attention for ages. The way clothes change us is a fascinating subject and I think this image shows that. I found it really interesting that KW looked smaller in his clothes, he chest is looks far broader and more imposing naked than in the suit. I really did spend ages with this image and in the end realised I was almost treating it like a spot the difference searching back and forth between the two ‘men’ for how they were the same but also different.

The Other Livvy

Woman laying down flat not pregnant with woman with large pregnant belly layered over the top

Livvy is currently experiencing one of the most amazing transformations that a woman can have and I love how she had combined these two images to capture that amazing journey.


Nude woman in woodlannd wrapped in butterfly printed cloth

This was another one that I spent a great deal of time looking at. The use of the light in this image is extraordinary and it is amazing how it seems to have projected the pattern of the cloth onto her skin. It absolutely fits the ‘magical’ element of the task to perfection.

My Controlled Ascent

Moon that is boobs in starry night sky

And I thought the moon was made of cream cheese but I like the idea that it is made of beautiful boobs far more. This is such a brilliantly done image, the editing of the image inside the moon to give it that texture and hint of the moon surface around the edge is perfect. A really creative and clever image

A to sub Bee

Headless woman in bathtub with legs and arms cut off

I am a huge fan of creepy disturbing images but Bee blew me away this week with this truly fabulous image. The way the head has been removed is reminiscent of a mannequin but the rest of the body is clearly not which totally fucks with your perception of what could potentially be happening here and the weirdly greenish tone of the image just adds to the whole sinister narrative of this image.


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