Sinful Sunday Round-up Week 430

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Round-up Week 430

Diptych of woman wearing rainbow holdups

Yay for prompt weekend and all the wonderful creative images that it inspired everyone to take. I had a short list of seven images that I found it nearly impossible to pick between. I made it in the end but really, you lot are all so talented. So here we go, One Shot, Two Ways…..

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Pain as Pleasure

Diptych of man and woman bending over arm of sofa with cane balanced on their bottom

There is something about the light, the paneling and the wooden crop that gives this a lovely vintage feel and it captures perfectly their kinky, switching relationship.

A to sub Bee

Diptych of woman wearing rainbow holdups

I love these two complimentary views of Bee in her absolutely fabulous Pride hold-ups. The focus being at different depths in each image really works too and I find that the image on the left draws your eye first and that leads off perfectly into the second one. Really brilliant photography.

Sex Matters

Diptych of woman sitting huddled up on bathroom floor

There is just something about the soft muted tones in these images that I really like. They feel warm and sensual and I keep returning to them again and again.

Rebel’s Notes

Womans breats hanging down with pierced nipplesWomans breasts hanging down with pierced nipples

I really did spend a great deal of time looking from one to the other of these two stunning images. The you switch back and forth between the two they almost become one image in your mind as if your eyes are traveling across her body from one breast to the other. I found them really quite mesmerizing.


Diptych of front and back view of nude woman wearing only a leather jacket

What can I say, sexy as fucking hell. The black and white edit fits with the rock chick look of the jacket perfectly and damn that little slice of her thong and her hand on butt cheek is just so damn sexy.



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  1. Thank you for including my post, Molly. I am really so happy with this, as I adore these images!

    Rebel xox

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