Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 441

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 441

close up of womans nipple with piercing

Don’t forget we are zooming towards it being prompt weekend.

This week on the round-up I am delighted to welcome Lexy to this space. Sadly it has coincided with her shutting her blog down for now with is such a shame as it was full of beautiful sexy words and pictures. I shall remain hopeful that one day she brings it back to life. You can however still find her on Twitter @LexyExperiment

Lexy’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I really admire Molly’s photography and her commitment to making forums for people to share their bodies, hearts, creative souls, and/or filthy imaginations. I was thrilled when Molly asked me months ago to do a roundup in September and it’s strange timing that precisely as my weekend rolls around I find myself mothballing my own blog for personal and privacy reasons. Still, I’m thrilled to be here looking at all 37 of you this week — I love erotic photography as much as ever, and it’s been a true pleasure to do the difficult job of choosing just five.


Nude of woman sitting with legs crossed looking down at the camera

This is a perfect pairing of words and image and I keep returning to them in my mind because of the way I feel uplifted by Ouizzi’s ferocity. I love the simplicity of the way this photo communicates the stated mood which, for me, is full of awesome power and yet also carries an admission that we humans are fragile, too. I am very drawn to the strong and nearly symmetrical pose and I think it’s an incredible photo from top to bottom — the look on her face, the way her hands hold herself, and the curl of her toes are all rich in meaning and beauty for me.

Annie Savoy

Woman nude behind glass shower door

What a gorgeous image! From a visual perspective, I love the texture of steam on glass, the dark moodiness captured here with subtle hints of light, and the way the stark lines of the shower relate to the gentle curves of flesh. It is simply superb. From a narrative perspective, Annie’s photo conveys so many possible stories and the placement of her hands creates a connection between subject and viewer.

My Controlled Ascent

Topless woman laying in bed with her arm outstretched across the empty space

Kisungua continues to wow me with her talent, artistic sensibility, and ability to convey emotion visually. The contrasts in this photo are very appealing to me — the incredible roundness and smoothness of her breasts against the wrinkled texture of the sheet and the curls of her hair; the predominantly black & white sections hugging a strip of pinkish peach color; and the line of her arm perpendicular to the lines the torn photos. Also, this is a very inviting composition! I can’t help but want to crawl into the spot beside her and rest my head on her tender skin.

Rebel’s Notes

close up of womans nipple with piercing

This closeup is exquisite. I love the selective focus that makes a soft landscape of Marie’s nipple; the way she has captured incredibly fine detail even while obscuring so much; and how the richness of the skin’s texture is emphasized by the smoothness of the ball. This is a luminous and lovely image, and I can absolutely understand why she was proud to share it with her daughter.

Focused and Filthy

Black and white nude of woman leaning bacl against a desk

This photo reminds me of a charcoal drawing and it holds my gaze because it contains so many interesting contrasts. The brightness, paleness, and detail of Missy’s skin is in perfect relationship to the reflective surface of the dark desk and the deep blackness of the image’s shadows. For me, the open and free position of her body offsets something sombre about the mood in this photo, and the result is a spark of joy.


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