Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 447

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 447

woman in wedding dress hainging in the air in front of church alter

Yes it was prompt weekend and one I have been looking forward to for a while as I was fairly sure it would inspire a host of creepy, freaky, sinister and sexy images which I will happily admit I am a big fan off. All I can say is it didn’t disappoint. However it has also led me to breaking the round-up rules for the first time ever in it’s history. I have always stuck religiously to the 5 pics in the round-up no matter how many times various guests have tried to sneak in an extra pick I have always disallowed it because I felt otherwise we would end with an increasing number of images and by sticking to 5 it forces people to really think about their chosen images and why. I intend to stick to that rule but on this rare occasion I am breaking it.

I wanted my 5 images to all be ones that fitted with the prompt but as you will see below there was one image that didn’t fit with the prompt but which I feel was such an important image is needed to mentioned as well. So for this one time only….

Molly’s Top 6 Pics of the Week

Frisky in the 916

weird creepy red eyes through a mask

I found this image absolutely mesmerizing in that freaky chilling way. I truly couldn’t look away.

Purple’s Gem

woman in wedding dress hainging in the air in front of church alter

I did ask how they managed this image as I have wanted to try a levitation shot for ages. The answer was they did it the hard way and as a result used some pretty impressive editing skills to get this image but damn it was worth it because it truly is stunning. Every week they wow me with their work and seeing their progression with their photography is an absolute delight.

A to sub Bee

woman with green skin wearing witches hat

All I can say about this one is I do love my a witch and what a gloriously witchy witch Bee makes.

Little Switch Bitch

Nude woman with blood round her mouth and down her body and vampire teeth in her mouth

I also really REALLY like me a Vampire especially a naked female blood thirsty one. I really do find this image so damn sexy.


Vampire woman biting the neck of a man

Did someone say vampires? I really can not emphasis how intensely sexy I find this image. There is something so incredible hot about her being the predator and the fact we can just make out her hand is over his mouth that I find so hot. I love the edit on this too. It’s one of the best vampire/prey images I have seen in a VERY long time and it gives me some serious feels…. between my thighs.

Master’s Pleasing Bitch

nude woman with one side mastectomy scar on her cheast

And finally my bonus image. I have followed MPB’s breast cancer journey right from the beginning ( I am lucky enough to be able to call her my friend in real life too) and I have to say she has gone through the whole experience with an amazing grace and strength and I think this image captures that perfectly. She looks bold and proud and I think this might be one of the most amazinly powerful images that anyone has ever shared on Sinful Sunday in all the years it has been running.


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