Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 486

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 486

woman leaning on arm of chair topless

It was prompt week and the subject matter was; Single subject: Ensure that there is little or nothing else in your photo that distracts from your (single) main subject.

The result as always was a sea of amazing photography but here are my top 5 from this weeks selection

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Little Switch Bitch

Woman in wet shirt

This has to be one of LSB’s best images every in my opinion. It feels like she is almost emerging out of the image and the detail of the wet shirt against her tits and the sheen on her skin just is exquisite.

Exposing 40

woman leaning on arm of chair topless

The light in this is perfection. It centres your eye at the “swell of the matter”. It is all the more amazing for knowing that it is just the light from a computer screen.


Nude of woman laying flat on her back in black and white

I don’t think I have the words really to do this image justice. There is just so many little details that captivate, the dark triangle of her pubic hair, the mole on her breast, the way her hand is wrapped in her hair… Such beauty.

Maria Open’s Up

Looking down on topless woman with shadow created by her hand

I have been a long time fan of Maria’s images and have missed her on Sinful Sunday during her blogging break and whilst this image might not perfectly fit the brief it is just too beautiful to not include in my pics this week.

I have loved you long time

Woman in red body suit lingerie

It was interesting how many people used black and white this week to create their single subject image and as we can see from the round-up it was a very effective technique but Tom went another route, using a strong colour and isolating it in a white background to create this striking shot of her in this beautiful red lingerie


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