Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 487

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 487

Side view of mollys breast with shadow cast by flowers

The prompt for September is out now so head over to the post to check that out.

This week I am delighted to welcome back Dok Urtybitz to the round-up. He was last here picking his top 5 back in 2017. You can find him on his own blog DokUrtybitz and on Twitter @DokUrtybitz

DokUrtybitz Top 5 Pics of the Week

Hello, I’m DokUrtybitz and Molly has honored me with being this week’s judge. I run a poetry blog which is a reflection of my life as I pass through it.

A to sub Bee

naked woman in life vest

A to sub Bee has a sassy and fun photo that has me seeing a fun boat ride for them. I love how they are exposed and hidden by the flotation vest.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Side view of mollys breast with shadow cast by flowers

Molly, in addition to being the host, is an extremely talented photographer who will wow you with both her words and images. While the image is a stunning use of shadows and light, when you read the words you can ‘see’ her coming out from the darkness.

The Other Livvy

Livvy naked in a cave

She’s in cold shadows but I like how the haziness of the image contrasts with the warmth of her posed there. I can see the ‘heat’ of her image pushing back the shadows.

Deviant Succubus

naked woman seen through v shaped trees

She’s a fey creature, glimpsed only briefly before disappearing from sight. Deviant Succubus’s image lets us glimpse a nature spirit ready to flee into the safety of the wood.

Maria Open’s Up

topless woman hiding under covers

Simple effects and a brilliant image made this photo interesting for me. Maria’s image shows us the darkness coming, but you can still see the light that will chase the shadows away


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