Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 488

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 488

Woman sitting nude in a cave on the beach

The prompt for September is out now and you have just over 2 weeks to work on your ideas

This week I am delighted to welcome back the amazing Violet Fawkes to the round-up. Not only can you find her on her own fabulous blog Love, Violet but she also runs Lingerie is for Everyone and Big Sexy Words memes that you should also check out. You can also find her on Twitter @fireandhoney

Violet’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

It’s been a minute since I did a Sinful Sunday Round Up and I must admit, I have been participating less lately than in the past. I love Sinful Sunday as a project, but like many of you, I too am feeling the effects of stress and anxiety – both of which zap my motivation for things like sexy pictures. However, I am learning that momentum is a powerful force: if I can just start on something, I can get it done. I’m trying to make more time for art and self-care, and sexy self portraiture happens to fall into both of those categories for me. I’m glad that Sinful Sunday exists and is always waiting here for when the mood strikes and I’d like to join you all more often because your images are brilliant and inspiring and I know I am in very good company.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

3 women nnude sitting on tree stump

This image took my breath away! I am a huge fan of the classic trope of ‘The Three Graces’ that winds its way through the last 500 or so years of the canon of western art history. This image captures the same grace, beauty and natural setting that Raphael, Rubens and Boticelli crafted a half century ago. It goes to show: the naked body is a beloved subject and this photo reveals exactly why!


Woman sitting nude in a cave on the beach

Have you ever seen a more seductive siren than this? This image is so brilliantly narrative and begs so many questions: is she a mermaid washed ashore and stretching in her new human form? What lies within the dark cave behind her? And what happened next? This is such an objectively gorgeous image – I would hang this on my wall!

No Pants Endurance

man dressed as an alien with penis hanging out

I cackled when I saw these images. I absolutely love the setting, the costume, the sneakers, and of course, the exhibitionism. Adding elements of playful sexuality is a fun juxtaposition to the stark alien background and the cool, pared down science fiction aesthetic. These images made me smile and I can’t decide if I prefer the full frontal version or the less overtly sexy, yet still compelling first image as our subject scampers up the chalky cliff. Just brilliant

Life of a Kinky Wife

woman tied up by her wrists in the woods

This particular image made me go “Ooooooooh!” aloud. What a stunning scene! Bondage in nature is on my kink bucket list and this picture makes me want to do it NOW and is inspiring me to make some plans before the summer weather fades into memory. I love the peace this image conveys as well as the majesty and scale of nature vs the human form.

Happy Come Lucky

Woman carrying axe behind her naked body

My comment on this post was “like a sexy Lizzy Borden!” and I stand by that! Dangerously coquettish as she steps from the brush, the hatchet concealed … It’s like a beautiful still shot from a horror film; highly narrative and full of entrancing details (did you notice the dirty sole of her foot, the board she stands on – which made me wonder if it’s a hatch to an underground lair …. The mind reels!) I love a picture that tells a story and this one certainly does.


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