Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 491

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 491

Persom laying on back showing their pubic hair and hairy armpits

I do love me a good prompt week and I do love me a good black and white image and this past Sunday saw the combination of those two things delivering a whole host of amazing images.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Little Switch Bitch

woman in fishnet body stocking

I love how she has placed her leg in this image, effectively using it as a leading line to bring our eyes up into the image. Fishnets work so brilliantly in black and white too and there is something really fucking sexy about the line of her neck leading up towards her ear. I want to…. well I will let you imagine what that might be

A to sub Bee

womans bottom with lots ofhands all over it

This image really does tick a particular fantasy box of mine and literally made me throb a bit at the idea. Hands, lots of hands, touching, feeling, stroking, pinching… Yes this is a picture that set my mind racing

Happy Come Lucky

mans head being shaved with straight razor

There are a series of truly stunning images in Honey’s post but this is definitely my favourite one. The clarity is so sharp that you can see every little bristle of hair on his head and the way her hand is holding him firmly and the blade against his skin. It just really captures the intensity of the moment. And if you have not read the words that go with this image then you are missing out.

On Queer Street

Persom laying on back showing their pubic hair and hairy armpits

I think how someone has their body hair is totally up them. There is no right way apart from what works for you. Shaving, trimming, waxing, can all be hot as fuck but so can a full bush and armpit hair as Quinn shows so damn perfectly in this quite frankly smokin shot.

I have loved you a long time

looking down womans body to man between her thighs

I love having someone go down on me but it is not something I tend to crave like I do other things. I would much rather you spent hours kissing me than licking my cunt but this image really triggered an intense longing for someones mouth on my cunt. The way his arms are wrapped round her and his image the thumb on that hand rubbing at her clit. Just all the unnfff


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