Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 586

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 586

Lexy sitting in front od neon sunset window banner image for weekly round up 586

Welcome to weekly round-up 586 and it was of course prompt weekend! All about the letter N.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Sexilicious Ash

Bearded man licking Ash's vulva

The word Ash picked for her image is nectarous. It was not a word I knew but Ash shares the definition; Extremely pleasing to the taste; sweet and fragrant. What a beautiful word and the perfect image to convey the essence of this word

Corrupting Mrs Jones

Man on boat with erect penis showing out of his trousers

What I love about this image is the contrast. His outfit, the swirl of the sea, the tone of the light all implies that it is not the warmest of days and yet there is his beautiful hard cock seeming to defy that. I can’t help but let me mind stray to thoughts of sucking a cock in such an environment, in the wind and the cold, the contrast between the heat of the moment and cold of the environment. There is something deeply sexy and intimate about that.

A to sub Bee

Bee tied up by wrists on bed wearing hood and legs spread showing their vulva

This image is immensely powerful. There is a rawness to it that makes me gasp a little. I looked at it for a very long time, allowing myself to experience the thoughts and feelings it inspired in me.

My Wild Lens

Wild topless tied in blue and purple chest harness rope

The rope, the colours, the shapes but I will admit the way her nipples are jutting through the binding inspires some very filthy thoughts in me.

The Lexy Experiment

Silhouette of lexy in front of window with neon sunset colours in triptych

This is just absolutely beautiful imagery. As a triptych I love how the leaning figures are both together but also away from each other. I found my eyes dancing between each of the Lexy’s whilst bathing in the beautiful neon colours.


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