Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 594

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 594

Woman standing naked at large window overlooking other buildings

Welcome to weekly round-up 594. A couple of little announcements today.

Firstly the usual reminder that it is monthly prompt time this weekend and the theme is ‘no humans’.

Secondly there is a new Sinful Sunday badge. If you use the badge code to display it on your posts then the new badge will just show up on your site automatically. If however you use an image uploaded to your dashboard which you link back to Sinful Sunday then it won’t. It would be great if you could take a moment to download the new badge and use it but it is also OK to use the old badge too.

Now on with this weeks round-up and it is my pleasure to welcome Chloe Meyer to this space for the first time. She was formally blogging as Citrus and Sex but you can now find her on Medium as Chloe Meyer and on Twitter @citrusandsex

Chloe’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Delighted to be here with you all this week for a Sinful Sunday post, and many thanks to Molly for inviting me along to wax poetic about the stunning sins you’re all providing this week (and every week, to be honest). While my own participation in #SinfulSunday is rare, it’s certainly not for lack of admiration or awareness. The creativity, thought and artistry put into these prompts every week is staggering. It inspires me to see you all creating images that leave us simultaneously speechless and spinning steamy stories of possibility. Thank you for sharing yourselves, your art and your sensual exploration of both. 

I’ve taken a page from Raine’s book from last week and listed my selections in the order they appear instead of preference, as I am too indulgent to choose an order. 

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Purple dildo head covered in creamy juices with Molly pubes in the background

The texture in this image is practically alive and it immediately grabs my attention. I love being able to feel both the depth of the photo and the implication that is in stark focus to the enticing but more ambient background that provides an alluring invitation into what the viewer has just missed. 

Sexilicious Ash

Ash laying on the bed with her legs up wearing stocking and suspenders

If you’ve ever encountered me online before, it’s no wonder that this has made it on my list. Stockings of any kind have sex appeal that’s unrivalled by their diversity and deliciousness and this photo is absolutely a prime example of why. The angle, the contrast of skin-stocking-sheets and my own proclivity for socks and thighs make this one sinfully interesting for me. Well composed, vulnerable and inviting in so many ways. 

Focused and Filthy

Woman standing naked at large window overlooking other buildings

This photo literally stole my breath. Its alight- both literally and with the implication of what’s taking place in the moments surrounding this snap. My visual eye is drawn to the balance of the framing, the softness of a body and curtains and light against the attic’s stark, dark wood frame. But my storytelling eye is already writing what comes next when someone encounters a scene so incredibly tempting. 

My Wild Lens

Wild leaning into camera wearing bikini with vulva print on

Immediately, I want to stop and stare. The print of this lingerie set is so vivid and illustrious, and it captures my attention almost completely. Its competition? The angle and framing hint at confidence and excitement, vulnerability and impulsivity. I love self-shot lingerie photos for this reason. They feel both intentional and urgent. The contrast of soft skin and bold print is visually appealing, while the image itself is imaginatively delightful. 

Mx Nillin

Person sitting in the shadows in car wearing collar and leash touching themselves with thigh lits by street light

Another breath stealer. This image says so much in a single moment. Willingness, exploration, ownership, freedom and contrast. Late-night drives are a guilty pleasure of mine, something so freeing and unparalleled in much of life. The idea of taking one like this had never even crossed my mind but I won’t forget the suggestion this image has offered. Complex, sinful, and teeming with stunning contrast. 


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