Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 595

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 595

Coiled rope and book in black and white for weekly round-up 595

Welcome to weekly round-up 595. The prompt for October is out now. I decided to post it nice and early to give you plenty of time to ponder your creative urges.

Now onto the round-up. It was prompt week and the prompt was, no humans, so it’s my turn to pick my top 5. I have picked all images that fit the prompt apart from one because I liked it just way to much to leave it out just because it didn’t fit the prompt which I have always said is totally optional

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Pieces of Jade

suitcase open showing contents of high heels, lacy knickers and spanking toys

Now this is some packing. Jade is currently in Canada visiting one of her partners and this is a picture of what went in her suitcase. I think the plans for this trip are fairly self evident and I love how just the simple image gives us such a vivid picture of what the intentions for this trip is.

Master’s Pleasing Bitch

Bath with water running and bubbles with bottle of champagne and two glasses on the side

This is another one that sets the scene for what is to come perfectly. I think it is the inclusion off the ice bucket and glasses that changes it from ‘just a picture of a bath running’ because now we now it is a bath for two that is expected to luxuriated in.

Corrupting Mrs Jones

Empty bubble tea cup with candles and used condom

So this one is the opposite of the two above but it is not about what is to come but what just happened. I also LOVE it because it normalises the use of condoms and even shows them as being sexy. We need more of that.

A Leap of Faith

Coiled rope and book in black and white for weekly round-up 595

This one is also an after shot. Like the others it tells a story or certainly hints at one. I also love the black and white edit on this because it makes the image more about textures than colours which works so well when the subject matter is rope.

Pain as Pleasure

Self portrait of naked man in steamy bathroom mirror

So here we are with the one image that does not fit the prompt but I couldn’t not include it because I think it is an utterly compelling portrait of a man. The steamed up mirror, the casual way his hand rests on his tummy. There is something vulnerable and intimate about it that keeps bringing me back to look at it again and again


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