Sinful Sunday Weekly round-up 599

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly round-up 599

Cropped image from My Wild Lens for weekly round-up 599

Welcome to Weekly round-up 599 and prompt week yet again resulted in a whole host of fabulous images. Before I get to the top 5 images I just want to remind everyone that this coming Sunday is week 600. There is no prompt for this week but it would be amazing if we could get lots of folks joining in to celebrate.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Victoria Blisse

Nude of woman covered in colourful bokeh bubbles of light to look like strings of lights

Whilst it might not strictly fit the colour filter prompt I had to pick it for the round-up because it is just so pretty. I love how the bokeh bubbles follow the curves of Victoria’s body. It has a mosaic tile feel to it and would look amazing set in the wall or floor of a decadent bathroom.

Pain and Pleasure

Looking down at bare spanked bottom with bright yellow colour filter that looks like pencil drawing

This one reminds me of wall paper print and I can totally picture it as a repeating pattern on the wall of some sumptuous boudoir.

Maria Open’s Up

Woman striding through woodland naked bathed in golden yellow light

There is something kind of magical about this image. The bright golden light makes it look slightly other worldly and I love the way maria is striding through the image giving us the impression we are lucky to catch a glimpse of this woodland nymph as she goes about her day.


man laying on bed stroking his cock edited in bright orange light

I love how this one seems to have created a heat map on the side of Monstrous Jaffa’s body giving the impression that if you laid down next to him the hotness would consume you.

My Wild Lens

Woman reaching into lace knickers with pubic hair emrging out of the side of the knickers edited in a pink light

I keep looking at this to try to find the words to do this justice but I just keep getting lost in the details, the little tuft of pubic hair, the detail of the lace, her fingers…. it is all so inciting.


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