Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 608

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 608

topless person back to camera tied to chair with 2nd persons leg coming into the image and their boot resting on his thigh

Welcome to weekly round-up 608. This months prompt was chairs so grab a seat and get comfy for this weeks top 5 pics

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Erotic Tales for the Visual Woman

Erect penis poking through circle in the back of a wooden chair

The obvious way to use a chair for this prompt was to sit on it in some way but I really like that Jer Bear went another way and used it to frame. Also the light in this stunning and I think it is a beautiful shot image.

A Leap of Faith

black and white of woman in ballet boots tied over chair

Getting this image might have been a bit of a challenge (read the post if you have not already) but it was totally worth it in my opinion although to be fair it was not my toes and feet suffering.

Pieces of Jade

Woman sitting on balcony of cruise ship room flashing her cunt

I love the casualness of this but also the naughty playful aspect, lifting your skirt, flashing your bits for someone, a little grin on your face is just one of those fun little pleasures in life to share with a partner. Oh but also check out the rest of the images in Jades post as the view of the landscape is also outstanding.

Focused and Filthy

Man tied to chair with persons leg coming oout and their boot resting on his thigh

This is the second image Missy has posted featuring the Viking in a compromising position and like the other one this fills my mind with kidnapped interrogation thoughts; dark dirty delicious thoughts. Oh and it also has a James Bond feel to it which makes me wonder what might happen when he finally got free. Oh the possibilities

Accidental Masturbator

Man in stocking and lacy thong sitting on white chair

I really have no words as to how much I love this one. It is something about the casual pose and the simple chair that contrasts with the stockings and undies. Also I am fascinated by the pattern of the hair on this thigh beneath the fabric that has me wanting to reach out and trail my fingers over it. There is just SO much to see and enjoy about this image.


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  2. […] took this picture for the chair prompt week, and didn’t post it. Not because it wasn’t ready, or it didn’t fit the theme, but because I […]

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