Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 678

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 678

Cropped black and white image if Maria Opens up with dark shadows and light on her breasts and thigh

Welcome to weekly round-up 678. It was prompt weekend and the challenge this month was High Contrast images. I loved that is inspired people to join in and so we can have a top 5 this week

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

A to sub Bee

High contrast black and white image of Bee kneeling over showing her vulva and bum to the camera

This is such a stunning image. I love how the high contrast has stripped away lots of the detail and creating an almost inked drawing effect of their vulva and bum. The post itself is about a serious topic, the effect of peri-menopause and how hard it is to get medical help so if you have not read it then you really should and you can of course admire this beautiful shot while you do.


Nude man casting shadow on the wall. He is holding a small hand mirror in front of himself and you can see his penis reflected in the mirror

This is quite frankly bloody brilliant. The shadow on the wall is so sharp and at first your eye is drawn to there but then you realise there is something else going on and you find the reflection in the mirror. Bravo Snapshotz for creating such a clever and well shot image.


Black and white of nude woman sitting on high u leather bench with brick wall behind her. The only colour in the image is her blue hair

Ouizzi talks in her post about her struggle with how she views her changing body but then goes on to explain how the camera often shows her an imagine of herself that challenges that. It is something I can strongly relate to. As for this image, it is bold and powerful and Ouizzi looks absolutely smoking hot in it.

Master’s Pleasing Bitch

Nude woman standing in front of large windows with wooden shutters looking out at a summer day.

I will be honest I picked this one for two reasons. Firstly it is just a beautiful shot of Julie and the view from their lovely room but also because of the warmth of it. I looked at it and for a moment I could feel the sun on my skin in a way that only happens in the summer and that made smile.

Maria Opens up

Black and white taken from above looking down on Maria who is naked. The dark shadows are masking lots of her body but light is spilling across her breasts and thigh

Black and white really does lend itself to high contrast, whereas Bee’s image is about bright whites, Maria’s image is about deep dark shadows and little pools of light that pick out certain details. I love how she seems to emerging from the shadows or maybe disappearing into them, either way, it is an fabulous image.


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  1. MariaSibylla says:

    Thanks so much for including my photo Molly! I’m still finding my feet on mastodon and bluesky.

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